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2017 Holiday Hockey Clinic(s)

Group 1:  9:00AM - 1:20PM 
Age(s): 6 - 9
Clinic Cost: $105.00

Group 2:  10:30AM - 2:20PM 
Age(s): 10 - 14
Clinic Cost: $105.00


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Training Tips (Archived)

Training Tips (Archived):


Above: A common mistake of young players in practice after releasing a shot is to end up in the corner or behind the net. Here Nick Parillo demonstrates the improper way of finishing the drill as he ends up behind the net.

Above: This drill is a great one for working on stickhandling, tight turns, acceleration, keeping the feet moving and lastly stopping in front of the net after a shot. The demonstration is done by Nick Parillo once on his forehand and then once on his backhand.