Upcoming Events:

Accelerated I Hockey Clinic

Starts June 10th (Mondays & Thursdays)

Registration Fee $595 Ages 7-11

Moderate I Hockey Clinic Session (1)

Starts June 12th (Wednesdays)

Registration Fee $140 Ages 8 & under

Moderate 1 Hockey Clinic Session (2) 

Starts July 17th (Wednesdays)

Registration Fee $140 Ages 8 & under

Moderate II Hockey Clinic

Starts June 11th (Tuesdays)

Registration Fee $285 Ages 9 & up

Overspeed I Hockey Clinic

Starts June 10th (Mondays & Fridays)

Registration Fee $595.00 Ages 12 & under

Overspeed II Hockey Clinic

Starts June 12th (Wednesdays & Fridays)

Registration Fee $595.00 Ages 13 & up

Elite Hockey Clinic 

Starts June 10th (Mondays & Thursdays)

Registration Fee $595 Ages 12 & up

Derek Booth Defensemen Hockey Clinic 

Starts June 11th (Tuesdays)

Registration Fee $325 Ages 9-16

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HPD Testimonials

Read what Coaches, Parents, Students have to say about Hockey Player Development: Camps, On your ice training, Private lessons, Clinics, and Team Practices run by HPD.

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HPD Testimonials



First of all, I would like to thank you and the entire coaching staff for working with Giovanni this Summer. This was our 1st time attending the HPD Select camp. The detail level of the drills and the “one on one” coaching was priceless. Each visit Giovanni has shared numerous things that I truly believe will make him a better player in the upcoming season. Please keep us posted on any future development programs you have.

Once again, thank you for your time and valued feedback.

John T.


AYHA Members:

For those of you looking for a terrific way to keep your son/daughter on the ice over the summer and learn from those who have played the game at its highest levels, then I strongly encourage you to consider Nick Parillo's "Hockey Player Development" camp held at Tam O Shanter Sports in Sylvania.

My own sons and several others from AYHA have participated in Nick's camps over the past two summers. I can personally attest to the value of the one-on-one attention your son/daughter will receive from the on-ice instructors, as they learn proper technique and skill development that will help elevate their game.

Nick's efforts focus on the entire athlete, too, and not just hockey skills. Off-ice training, diet/nutrition, and mental aptitude are all focus items for the participants.

(No, I am not a paid endorser nor do I receive a "kickback.")

Thank you!
Gregg DeVitto



I took Wyatt to the Moderate 1 Clinic last year and I was impressed. Lots of SKATING and specifics on technique. Top level coaching and they keep the kids focused and in line. Good decision if you are looking to keep them active in the summer.

I included a flyer in the 6U packet I handed out in hopes some of the kids are able to go and pick up a different perspective from other coaches, besides the same 5 guys yapping in their ears at practice...

Matt Church



Just watched Nick. Brought tears to my eyes at how hard these boys work- for you,for themselves,and for their dreams! Awesome clinic and thank you for getting and keeping them ready.  - Jill M.



"I trust Hockey Player Development training techniques with my son adam."


Nicklas Lidstrom # 5
Detroit Red Wings



"Nick and his staff at Hockey Player Development do a very good job training and working with the kids. They are committed hockey professionals who possess a solid grasp of the important teaching principles and develop a great repore with their students.  I like the environnment they create of hardwork, learning, competition and fun on and off the ice."

Dan MacKinnon
Director of Player Personnel
Pittsburgh Penguins



Hi Nick,

Sometimes the best advertisement is a good reference....... I was very pleased with HPD's work on the ice with our Pee Wee A team. We had very specific developmental needs that were addressed with high intensity drills and focused coaching. The payoff has been players with more mental focus during game play, and a stronger set of foundational skills to build from as the season progresses. I believe strongly in the "guest coach" approach to teaching skills and strategy in youth hockey. Bringing in expertise to support our systems is an important way to help players understand that fundamental skills are used at every level, and in every coach's system of play. With HPD on the ice during practice, our PW players heard this from professional players, who share a passion for the game and an attitude of giving back that is rare in professional sport. I highly recommend HPD as a good source for coaching support and a fresh experience for players looking for that extra boost of intensity to carry them forward in the season.

--Bob Schultz, CEP Level 4, Head Coach, 98 Sylvania Maple Leaf Travel Hockey 

Thanks! Bob